Chocolate Fudge

A family favourite of chocolate sponge topped with a dark chocolate fudge icing.

Coffee Walnut

Always welcome on the tea table. Coffee sponge topped with coffee fudge icing and crushed walnuts.

Chocolate Chip

A heavier sponge dotted with chocolate chips and a hint of vanilla.

Lemon Syrup

A fine textured sponge oozing with lemon syrup.

Farmhouse Fruit

For people who don’t like heavy fruit cakes, a sponge cake  speckled with mixed fruit and a hint of lemon.


Like our Farmhouse Fruit, a denser sponge, but studded with glace cherries and a hint of vanilla.

Pear & Ginger

A perfect pairing of juicy pears and spicy ginger makes this denser sponge perfect for a warm pudding.

Apple & Cinnamon

Another perfect pairing, juicy apple with the sweetness of cinnamon.

Rich Fruit

A traditional rich fruit cake. Packed with dried fruits but with a lovely, moist texture.

Bara Brith Tea Loaf

A lovely, moist, fat-free tea loaf, until you’ve smothered it with butter, that is!

Plantation Spice

For spice lovers, a moistly textured sponge with a secret blend of spices, studded with walnuts and top with a lovely vanilla fudge icing topped with chopped walnuts.

Iced Ginger

A good old-fashioned dark ginger cake topped with our favourite vanilla fudge icing.

Iced Carrot

The ever-popular carrot cake, with juicy carrots, a hint of banana and walnut pieces. Topped with vanilla fudge icing. Always popular.

Iced Coffee

Don’t like walnuts? Rarely to be found, coffee walnut cake without the nuts. Same light, coffee sponge with a lovely coffee fudge icing.

Cappuccino Cake

Like your coffee cake with a bit more caffeine? A dark coffee sponge, topped with vanilla fudge icing and a sprinkling of cocoa.


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